Make a Div Into a Link on Drupal

its hard to find this tutorial, i think. And finally and found a website;

Let mes share it …

It’s easy to make a div into a link using a bit of javascript. You can use this technique to make any div “clickable”. For example, you might want your “somediv” div to link to your home page. Here’s how: Continue reading

fast rezise on Photoshop

I’ve  been so long to updating my blog, miss it. Now I am going to share best on my activity. There a  many ways to resize many file on photoshop, but i have trick to do it (awesome quote). lets me share how to do it

The first, you must have Photoshop (matabelok:)

1.       Go to File – script – image processor

2.       Select the file in a folder area where  you save files, and select location to save processes file,

3.       And change resize fit, in this step we have to know how much file size we desire. And we have many option whether we keep save file to JPEG or PSD.

Iwan Fals OR Jhonie Iskandar

Dari pada bengong di kantor gua berniat untuk membuat karikatur Iwan Fals eh malah jadi kok jhoni Iskandar, malah ada yang bilang mirip sama Jhon Rambo…hahaha